About Me

Way back in the way back, I was a budding young artist who went to class, learned and spat back out what was taught. All the while however, I was drawing, painting and visualizing. I supplemented by going to drawing classes at the Art Students’ League, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and eventually, the school of Visual Arts in New York. I studied other disciplines, such as lithography, type design, and anatomy, but always made sure that drawing and painting were in my curriculum.

In the nineties, as the desktop revolution took hold, I became an innovator in the field of print, pushing through projects in the Corporate Communications Dept. at Bozell/BJK&E. Because of a lack of sufficient funds to do our publications in 4-color without going digital, I was a natural fit (I had been using Macs since the MacII, computers since before that). (I realize there are a few people out there who can’t imagine analog printing, but it did exist . . .) We won awards for some of the work.

Found myself retooling the Art department at a newspaper/magazine after that, as I came in as Art Director. The staff of that department had already sent out resumes before I came in, so I had to retool the personnel too. I found out that I was pretty good at picking talent too, and some of those people (went from seven down to one, and up to three) would become good friends.

Throughout my visual career, I have continued to draw, paint and Photoshop (doing it since the program was minted in 1993). Photography is a natural extension of that. Digital photography is simply a change in methodology, a chance to exercise the eye to pick through lots of images and find the correct ones to tell the story. And that’s what it’s always been about anyway, telling the story.

On these pages, I offer a sample of my work, mainly of the visual story-telling mode. But, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I tell them in words, in music — and in imagery. I can’t stop. I hear relevant things and relate them to those who I think need to hear them, making connections for others that come from my own sense of constant connection . . .

Life is a puzzle beyond solution, but wrestling with finding it is what we’re here for . . .


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